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  • Ceramic foam debinding and sintering in one process

    The Fraunhofer Institute for Ceramic Technologies and Systems (IKTS) in Dresden, Germany, carries out research into advanced ceramics, ranging from preliminary research through to a wide range of sophisticated applications. IKTS are involved in the development of industrial powder processing technologies and the manufacture of prototype structural ceramics, functional ceramics and cermet (ceramic-metal hybrids).
  • Determining the CO2 reactivity of petroleum coke

    Calcinated petcoke is an essential ingredient in the production of aluminium. Its quality needs to be monitored continuously throughout the production process to ensure a high quality metal grade. As part of its range of coke testing furnaces, Carbolite has designed a special model for determining the CO2 reactivity of petroleum coke in accordance with ISO 12981-1. The furnace has a single, vertical, tubular heating zone which is integrated into the unit, giving a neat and compact design overall.
  • Optimizing solid fuel combustion for electricity generation

    Reliable and adequate power generation is a corner-stone of every industrialized country: an essential ingredient for successful economies and comfortable lifestyles. While other technologies continue to be developed, solid fuels are still extremely important. Coal provides around 30 % of global energy needs, 41 % of the world's electricity and is used in the production of 70 % of the world's steel.
  • Recycling and assessing precious metals

    Global demand for precious metals continues to soar, whether for jewellery or for use in industrial applications. While gold and silver have been used for thousands of years in jewellery, more recently precious metals are performing useful and specialist functions in chemical processes, electronics manufacturing, aerospace and automotive systems, eg catalytic converters. CARBOLITE equipment is used throughout the world both for recycling these relatively rare commodities and for assessing their purity. Two key processes in the precious metals market are smelting and cupellation
  • Sample prep and analysis of secondary fuels

    With ever increasing socio-economic and geo-political demands, the use of secondary fuels in cement manufacture is a well-established practice for reducing both costs and CO2 emissions. The depletion of resources, combined with an increasing demand for primary fuels such as oil, gas or coal, make it paramount for energy consuming industries to search for alternative energy sources.
  • The future of ash fusion analysis

    Professor Ed Lester and Thomas Huddle, University of Nottingham, Patrick Daley, the EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Carbon Capture and Storage and Cleaner Fossil Energy, and Paul Haigh, Carbolite Gero Ltd, UK, detail advances in ash fusion analysis.

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